History of CADLab

Laboratory for Engineering Design - CADLab was founded in 1986 as a place for the application of modern computer achievements in the field of CAx systems, which remained its primary purpose still today.

In its beginnings, the hardware infrastructure of the Laboratory was based on four  SUN 4 workstations; two Atari computers and four PCs XT. First Head of the CADLab was M.Sc. Veljko Milošević

In 1995, the CADLab was equipped with additional server SUN SPARCstation 20, and 9 SUN SPARCstation 10 workstations driven by SUN Solaris operating system. In 1998 CADLab received two Sun Ultra workstations. In 1999 CADLaAb and associated computer labs introduced the network of personal computers based on Intel hardware platform, driven by Microsoft Windows operating systems.

The following technological development over the years, today's software platform of CADLab is built around a new generation of engineering workstations. In parallel to the evolution of the quantity of digital working places for students, laboratory developed in the number of different software packages to support the design, product development, innovation, development of own applications, computer graphics, and office tools, which are used in teaching, scientific research and in collaboration with industry.

A unique addition to the CADLab is rapid prototyping machine Dimension 3D manufactured by Stratasys.

CADLab is recently equiped with HP desktop and mobile workstations for virtual reality with VR headsets by HTC, that are used in education for the performing the design reviews and for the reasearch of the product development teamwork in virtual working environment.

Head of the CADLab from 1991 to 1996 was Professor Emeritus Dorian Marjanović and from 1996 to 2016 it was Prof. Nenad Bojčetić.

During that n that period, a great contribution to the development of CADLab was given by Damir Deković, M.Sc. M.E. ✝ (1990-2011), associate employed as a technician in the laboratory.

Since 2016 to 2019 Head of the CADLab was Prof. Neven Pavković. Since October 2019 Head of the CADLab is Assist. Prof. Stanko Škec.